Controlling menus SolidWorks

Everyone has his own style of working. For example, some people like to use menus and others do
not. Some like to use hotkeys and others like the mouse. Modify Section View is an example of a
tool that you cannot access via toolbars. It can only be accessed via the menus.
The most frequently used menu items are in the View, Insert, and Tools menus. All the menus shown
in this section have all the possible options selected. As a result, the View menu in Figure 2.21 may
contain options that are not available on your computer. Customizing menus is covered later in this
chapter. Figure 2.21 also shows the Insert and Tools menus, along with an image of a menu with the
Customize Menu mode activated.
You use the View menu primarily for turning on or off the visibility of entity types such as planes,
sketches, or temporary axes. You can also do this by using hotkeys or by putting extra items on the
View toolbar.
The Insert menu is used mostly for creating feature types for which you do not have a toolbar icon
on the screen. For example, although the Move Face tool is on the Mold Tools toolbar, it has many
uses aside from mold design. You can find the Move Face tool by choosing Insert ➪ Face.
The Tools menu is used primarily for sketch entities or tools for which you have no icon on the
screen. Several other commonly used tools, such as Measure, Equations, Customize, and Options,
are also available in this menu.

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