Color The SolidWorks

Use of Color The SolidWorks user interface makes extensive use of color to highlight selected geometry and to provide you with visual feedback.
This greatly increases the intuitiveness and ease of use of the SolidWorks software. To take maximum advantage of this, the training manuals are printed in full color.
Also, in many cases, we have used additional color in the illustrations to
communicate concepts, identify features, and otherwise convey important information. For example, we might show the result of a filleting operation with the fillets in a different color even though, by default, the SolidWorks software would not display the results in that way.

SolidWorks® 2011
SolidWorks Essentials
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation
300 Baker Avenue
Concord, Massachusetts 01742 USA

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    Can I create a PowerPoint presentation using CAD drawings and CAD animations created from Solidworks?

    Solidworks Training

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