The measurement information

To use the measure tool:
Measure click on the Tools toolbar or the Tools> Measure.
When the Measure dialog box appears, you can switch between different documents without closing the dialog box.
If we turn on the document that the item is selected, the measurement information will be updated automatically.

steps we have to do,
Select the item to be measured.
Callouts appear in the graphics area. The new measurement will always be updated dynamically appear when we change the selection.
Click to expand the dialog box to display the resulting values​​.
If we choose a single entity, the edge length, face area, and so on will be displayed.
If you select two entities, the smallest distance between the entities shown.
To remove an item from the current selection, click the item again in the graphics area.
To delete all the options, click an empty area in the graphics area.
To turn off the function of the size, right click in the graphics area, and select Select.
To activate the function of the size of the back, click in the Measure dialog box.

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