The intent of Design

The design intent is its forecast of how the model will vary when you enter changes. For example, if an outgoing modeled with a through bore, the drill is moved to move the shoulder. Similarly, if your model is a circular array of six holes, the angle between the holes will change if you change the number of holes to eight. techniques used to create the model determine how and what type of design intent will follow.
To use the SolidWorks parametric modeling effectively, you must take into account
design intent before modeling. The design intent is planning how it will perform the model changes. The way to create a model rules as may be modified. stage direction
The way in which a sketch is bounded conditions the design intent. Add the dimensions to reflect how you want to change the model.
Some examples of different design intentions in a sketch shown below.
A dimensioned drawing in this way remain drills 20m from each edge, regardless of the width of 100mm of the rectangle is changed. Dimensions to maintain a fixed end
holes on the left edge the rectangle and are not affected if changing the width of the rectangle.
The dimension from the edge and center, maintains the distance between the centers of the
holes, and allows changes of this new way.

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