Shape Feature SOLIDWORKS

This time we will learn to create Shape Feature with simple and quick.
Creates a deformed surface on a model by expanding, constraining, and
tightening the selected surface.
A deformed surface is flexible, much like a membrane. It can be
expanded, constrained, and tightened using the sliders on the Controls
tab in the Shape Feature dialog box.
To create a shape feature:
Sketch one or more entities that you can optionally use to constrain
the shape feature. You can create the constraining entities directly
on the face or on a plane. 

Valid entities are:
Points (endpoints, vertices, and so on)
Sketches (including points, curves, and open or closed contours)
Click Shape on the Features toolbar or click Insert, Features, Shape.
In the dialog box:
Select a face on the model for Face to shape. You can select one face only.
Select a sketch for Constrain.
You do not have to constrain the shape feature - this is optional.
To have the shape feature edges form a tangent relation with the
boundary, select Maintain Boundary Tangents. With this option cleared,
the shape feature edges do not adjust the angle as they approach the

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